About Me

I'm a proud mother of one fantastic and wonderful son who has recently married a wonderful young lady and obtained his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering.  I am also a quilter, textile artist, amateur photographer, gardener, occasional cook, and lover of books.  And about a year ago I became a proud grandmother of an amazing little girl.

My heart home is Vermont but am now on the left coast.  Recently retired, back to work part-time, and retired again, now working part-time at a quilt store and loving it.  I've found that it takes practice and persistence to be successful at being retired when one has worked most of their life--or at least partially retired.

I learned about quilting from watching Georgia Bonesteel on TV when I lived in North Carolina, then taught myself to piece and quilt from books, magazines, and the few shows on quilting on TV at the time.  I started out as a traditional quilter, moved to art quilts, dyeing fabric, shibori, and surface design including screen printing, and now am exploring the modern quilt style.  I originally felt I had to quilt every top myself, but after a few queen-sized quilts, I began to question that belief.  I moved from hand quilting to machine quilting when I had problems with one hand, and now embrace the joy of having the queen- and king-sized quilts quilted by a longarm quilter.

Exploring new techniques and new types of surface design is fun and the luxury of time to pursue all of these textile based interests is a delight.

Wonder what's next?
Thoughts for me?  blivak@gmail.com