Baby Quilts

I make a lot of baby quilts that are given away to family and friends and many people I have never met.  They are easy to make, allow me to try new techniques and color combinations,  and I think every new baby deserves his or her own quilt.  Photos of some of the baby quilts I have given away can be found at Baby Quilts.

When my friend Mary told me her daughter was pregnant, I knew that she would be making a baby quilt for the grandchild as Mary is a great quilter.  So, I had to come up with something else to give as a gift.  I decided to make a quilted alphabet book.  It was fun deciding on which image to use for each letter, finding the right fabric to enhance the image, and sewing, quilting and embroidering each page  Definitely, a learning experience, but well worth the effort.  Here is the final book:  Alphabet Book for Brooke