Hand Dyes

I took a class in hand dyeing fabric with Marjan Kluepfel in Davis, CA in the summer of 2010.  It was a day long class held outdoors in lovely warm and breezy weather.  I got to try discharging color from fabrics using a bleach solution, which I had thought I would not like, but came to love.  Marjan also had silk scarves available to us and I tried dyeing a few of those with wonderful results.  I later purchased a few more scarves from Dharma Trading Co, a wonderful resource store, and had a lot of fun one day dyeing scarves that eventually were given as Christmas presents to friends and family.

We also played with thickened dye to paint on stamps that we could use for printing on fabric.  Thickened dye also works nicely for painting patterns or images without the dye running.

Here are some of the results.  Hand Dyes