Surface Design

Monoprinting with a Gelatin Plate

I had a lot of fun this weekend in Red Bluff, CA, with a friend, Sandy, making monoprints on fabric and paper.  Neither of us had done monoprinting before with gel plates before, so we learned as we went along.  We used information from several different sources on how to create the gelatin plates and techniques to create interesting patterns.  We used unflavored gelatin and 9 x 13 cake pans to create the plates and acrylic paints for our designs.

Sandy has a wonderful studio space with a huge sink for clean up and great counter space.  Here's where I was working, with plastic taped on the work surface and wall to protect against paint splatter.  Paints, foam brushes, and brayers are all tools used to create the prints.

 monoprinting workspace    
This gelatin plate has started to degrade after two days of use.  It adds interesting lines to the finished print.

Used Gelatin Plate
Selection of completed monoprints drying

Monoprints drying

Sandy starting to paint a new print
Here's a short video showing placement of fabric on the plate to make a print.


I've taken classes from several different sources in hand dyes, dye painting, shibori, batik, and stamping.  It's always fun to see what results from playing with surface design.